(r) Surface Pattern, produced by repeating (6).

A few new patterns (see Pig. 6) may be produced by placing the chevron with the point of the V facing to the right or left, thus, < or > , instead of upwards or downwards, thus, A V»

(a) Chevron Border, with V's placed thus, > > (4) The same as (a), but with a horizontal line through the points of the V's. (r) The same as (a), but shaded, (o') The same as (bl, but shaded.

Figs. 7 to io give the triangular paiterns, plain and shaded, produced by repeating the chevron border (see Fig. 2, a).

Fig. 7.—[a) Single Border, composed of Triangles.

(bj Double Border, ccmposed of Triangles, with the points cf all the Triangles meeting, (r) Surface Pattern, composed of Triangles, with the points of all the Triangles meeting. F:g. 8. —(a, b, and r) The Patterns shown cn Fig. 7, shaded.

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