The colour plates are located between pages and

1 Later Bronze Age ceremonial 'hats'

2a The Dresden—Dobritz hoard

2b Open-work gold of Schwarzenbach bowl

3 The Klein Aspergle grave-group

4a The Glauberg gold tore

4b The Glauberg flagon: detail of lid

5a The Rodenbach arm-ring

5b The Waldalgesheim torc and arm-rings

6a The Erstfeld torcs and arm-rings

6b The Erstfeld torc: detail

7a The Amfreville helmet

7b The Agris helmet

8a The Broighter torc

8b The Aurillac arm-ring

9 The Battersea shield

10a The electrum torc from Snettisham Hoard E

10b Snettisham Hoard L in situ

12 The Book of Durrow, f. 192 v

14 The Book of Kells, f. 291 v

15a The Hunterston brooch: front view

15b The 'Tara' brooch: back view

16a The Ardagh chalice: detail

16b The Monymusk reliquary

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