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Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet

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The Meaning And Nature Of Sacrifice

Disused Burial Pit Danebury

Sacrifice involves the permanent removal of otherwise useful or valuable objects from daily life, for offerings to the forces of the supernatural. For the Celts, as for other peoples, a sacrifice had somehow to be destroyed in order for it to pass over into the Otherworld. Metalwork was bent or broken or cast into an inaccessible place such as a marsh or river. Animals had to be killed in order to reinforce life. The life-force of a sacrifice could not be released into the supernatural world unless its links with this world were first severed. This is a case of 'rendering unto God the things that are God's'. By being given over to the supernatural world, the sacrificial victim served to shift these Otherworld forces towards the earth and focus them on the person or persons who performed the ritual.11 The idea seems to have been that a death released new life and force, the sacrifice establishing a channel of communication between this world and the realm of the supernatural.

Dogs And Deities From Nodens To Nehalennia

Figure 8.1 Romano-British bronze dog, Canterbury, Kent. Paul Jenkins. Healers and hunters The Burgundian tribe of the Aedui possessed a great many therapeutic sanctuaries, based upon the numerous mineral springs of the region. One of these was at Mavilly (Cote d'Or), an important shrine presided over by the Celtic version of Mars, a peaceful healer in Celtic contexts. The spring-water was apparently considered as helpful in the cure of eye disease, a scourge probably resulting from malnutrition among the Gauls and Britons. The god of Mavilly is depicted on several stone carvings on one, he is accompanied by a dog and a raven and by a suffering pilgrim, his hands covering his eyes as if he is in great anguish. The shrine of the healer Apollo Belenus at Sainte Sabine, also in Burgundy, yielded several small sculptures of babies, presumably offerings designed to stimulate a cure for afflicted The interest of Nodens's sanctuary for us is that, whilst no images of the god himself in...

Brian Of Celtic Legend

BRiAN A god of the Tuatha De Danann and one of three sons of Tuireann. Their mother is either Ana or Brigit. In the Irish story Oidheadh Chlainne Tuireann (The Tragic Story of the Children of Tuireann), Brian and his lesser-known brothers murdered Lugh Lamfhota's father, Cian. In order to right this wrong, Lugh ordered them to bring him eight items, including a magical healing pigskin, the king of Persia's poison spear, and failinis, a remarkable hound. Although the brothers fulfilled the difficult tasks, all three died in the process. The story is part of the Mythological Cycle.

The Argonauts were very

Plymouth God Blew With His Winds

Asclepius, the Greek god of healing, was the son of APOLLO, god of prophecy, and the lake nymph Coronis. In mythology he is a somewhat shadowy figure, which suggests his late arrival as a major deity. Asclepius would seem to have been a Thessalian healer whose skills became known throughout Greece his cult eventually took over the sanctuary at Epidauros in the Peloponnese. Sacred snakes resident there were ASCLEPIUS, Greek god of healing, tends a man on his sickbed A son of Apollo, the greatest healer, Asclepius was gifted with miraculous powers, once resurrecting a mortal from death His attributes, staff and serpent, signify power and renewal of life (iu.usttiation by nick beale, 1995) ASCLEPIUS, Greek god of healing, tends a man on his sickbed A son of Apollo, the greatest healer, Asclepius was gifted with miraculous powers, once resurrecting a mortal from death His attributes, staff and serpent, signify power and renewal of life (iu.usttiation by nick beale, 1995)

Technology Continued

Druids and physicians had some knowledge of healing herbs, including such staples as willow bark to reduce fever and spiders' webs to staunch wounds. Small as this knowledge was, it was greater than the medical knowledge in most of the rest of Europe of the time. (There was a famous hospital at Emain Macha, established by Macha of the Red Tresses.) Magical healing was common while it was unsporting to use magic in combat, it was considered perfectly fair to resurrect the dead and send them back into battle the following day. Certain springs or other bodies of water were famed for their curative powers (see p. 29).

Sages and Seers

Stonehenge Knights The Round Table

Morgan Le Fay (above right), Queen of Avalon, the otherworldly Isle of Apples, bears an apple bough, the Celtic symbol of peace and plenty. A gifted sorceress, she is often portrayed as a dark soul, thwarting Arthur and manipulating heroes. At a deeper level, she is a winter goddess of darkness and death, opposing Arthur, the Lord of Summer. She reveals the redeeming aspect of her character in her role as sovereign healer of Avalon and guardian of Arthur's body in death. (Illustration by Stuart Littlejohn, 1994.) Hellawes (below) was a sorceress in the Arthurian myths who had set her heart on the noble knight Sir Lancelot, whom she had loved from afar for some seven years. Eventually, she managed to lure him into her Chapel Perilous and there she tried all the methods she knew to inspire his love for her. But it was to no avail because the steadfast and loyal knight loved one woman only, Arthur's queen, the fair Guinevere, and he had come to the chapel with but one mission in mind,...

Geese and cranes

On two monuments in the early first century AD, one from Paris, the second from Trier.63 The two stones possess remarkably similar imagery, consisting of the association of a bull with three egrets. The Parisian monument (figure 8.11), dedicated to Jupiter in the reign of Tiberius by a guild of sailors, is made up of several stone blocks on one a large bull stands in front of a willow-tree, two birds on his back and a third perched on his head on an adjacent panel, a woodcutter hacks at the branch of a willow.64 The inscription above the bull reads 'Tarvostrigaranus' (the Bull with Three Cranes) that above the man reads 'Esus' (Lord). The Treveran sculpture is virtually identical, in terms of the content of its imagery here, on a single stone surface, a woodcutter chops at a willow-tree in which are a bull's head and three cranes or egrets. The motifs of tree, birds and bull are all related in life cranes or egrets and willows both have water associations, and the birds love willows....

Sacred Snakes

In Celtic symbolism, the snake represented concepts evoked by its particular properties snakes are essentially earthbound creatures who can slide in and out of impossibly narrow crevices in rocks and disappear below ground. Their carnivorous nature and the venom of some species must have led to their being regarded with fear and awe. The Old Testament vilifies snakes, linking Eden's serpent unequivocally with evil, condemned by God to eat the dust of the earth and to be shunned by all other creatures because of its sullying of humankind. Snakes possess the curious habit of sloughing their skin several times a year, being apparently 'reborn' in the process. They are fertile creatures the male has a multiple penis, and the female gives birth to a prodigious number of young. Moreover, the very physical shape of the snake evokes the image of the phallus. Finally, the sinuous, rippling movement of the reptile as it flows along the ground has a resemblance to water and the river meandering...

Geometric motifs

Shield Destiny

The picture shows a single clockwise spiral. This design has the oldest history and is the most recorded of the motifs. In some culture, the single spiral may symbolize growth, expansion and even cosmic energy. For instance, the ancient inhabitants of Ireland used the spiral to represent the sun and a tightly wound, clockwise spiral to signify their shrinking winter sun.

Fairy Mounds

For all she gives, this fairy lives off of and drains the life force of her human lover, who remains her slave until he can find someone else to take his place. The Irish leipreachain, or lepracaun (a name which means shoemaker), is another solitary fairy who sometimes plots mischief against humans they are also known as Cluricauns (a drunk leprechaun) and Far Darrig (red man or practical joker). Yeats describes leipreachains as withered, old, and solitary and badly dressed, slouching, jeering, mischievous phantoms who are known to play practical jokes on humans. The leprechaun is very skilled at his craft of shoemaking and in consequence he is very rich. Still, he seldom spends his money, but keeps it buried in a crock or cauldron in a field, which may account for the belief of finding a leprechaun's pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Dermot See Diarmait

DlAN CECHT (DlANCECHT) The gifted god of healing and medicine the leading healer of the Tuatha De Danann sometimes a god of fertility. He had two children, Miach and Airmid, who were also gifted healers. Dian's greatest moments came during wartime. When the day's fighting ended, the physician would bathe the wounded warriors in magical waters. He could heal them so well that they would be ready to resume fighting the next day. Dian could even bring his dead kinsmen back to life. Dian's children were also talented healers. His son, Miach, made Nuadu an arm of flesh to replace the silver arm. It was so lifelike that Nuadu was no longer considered to have a defect. Dian, however, felt no pride in his son's amazing work. Instead, he considered it an insult to the fabulous silver arm he had made. Dian killed his son in a fit of jealousy. When healing herbs grew upon the son's grave, Dian's daughter, Airmid, worked to classify them according to their benefit and their use. But Dian's...

Iron Age people

Iron Age Scotland

There is evidence throughout the first millennium BC of marked social differentiation of a kind not seen among their rather egalitarian Neolithic ancestors. The privileged classes may well have laboured less and thus avoided many of the ills suffered by the early tomb-builders. Similarly, those in the relatively lush farmlands of the south and east may have led rather easier lives than their upland neighbours. We know virtually nothing as yet of prehistoric medicine and thus can have no knowledge of potentially significant differences in the treatment of disease and injury between the two periods. Doubtless both communities had their various healers and their own long-standing traditional bodies of medicinal practice.

Bodb Derg

Anglo Saxon Knotwork

BLEMISHED KING The Celts strictly adhered to a rule that their kings must be free of any injury or illness. If a king had a physical flaw, he was forced to give up the throne. The best known of all blemished kings is Nuadu. When he lost his arm in battle he was deemed unfit to reign. However, he was so well loved by his kinsmen that they found a way to get around the rule. The children of the healer Dian Cecht made Nuadu a new arm that was so lifelike he was able to regain the throne.

Healing With Positive Affirmations

Healing With Positive Affirmations

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