Butterfly necklace

You will need 24-gauge biack iron wire

Approx. 100 size 8 green and biack seed beads

1 x 5 mm green wood bead

Tan. biack. and green cord

Masking tape

Round- and fiat-nose pliers Wire cutters Hammer and steel block Vse

Superglue (optional)

OPPOSITE Mrtfct* this black-wire butterfly in your favorite colors to suit your personal style. The braided cord gives a Celtic look.

Much of Celtic art depicts animals as the subject. Even though butterflies were not as popular as dogs, horses, and roosters. I have given this piece a Celtic theme, through the beaded spirals on each wing. You could use the same motif on a brooch or hat pin. or wire the butterflies onto plant sticks, so that they can flutter amongst your pots in the garden!

1 . Using your round-nose pliers, moke o /«-in. coil of 24-gouge block wire, in the some way as when making jump rings (see page 16). Holding the top two rings on each side with your fingers, stretch it out to about 1 in. in length.

2,. Cut a 6 8-in. length of block wire. Find the center and bend the wire around one of the shafts of your round-nose pliers. At the point where the wire meets around the shaft of the pliers, pinch the wire with the tips of your flat-nose pliers to form a loop, with both ends of the wire running parallel to each other.

0. Threod this wire through the stretched coil, pulling it right up to the loop.

D. Cut o piece of block wire I in. longer thon the butterfly. Threod on o 5mm green wood beod ond form o heod pin ot one end (see poge 14). Push the wire through the coil, os shown.

/ . Cut o 6-m. length of block wire. Place the center of the wire about three-quorters of the woy up the coil, and wrap it around once or twice, leoving about 1 /• in. ol wire extending on either side. Thread each extending wire with about 30 black and green seed beads, leaving about X in. of wire extending on each side.

" f*. Threod one green seed beod onto each extended wire. Using your round-nose pliers, form on open spirol at the end of each wire to create the butterfly's ontennoe. Gently hammer the spirals on a steel block to work harden them (see page 21).

(). Using your round-nose pliers, form a link ot the other end of the wire (see page 13).

<S. Using your round-nose pliers, form o small, tight spiral at each end of the protruding wires. Using your fingers, curl the beaded wires around in concentric circles to form a "wing" on each side of the central coil.

llh nick1acis id (iioklkn

Decide how long you wont your necklace to be and cut two pieces of cord in each color to this length. Bind all the cords together at one end with a small piece of mcsking tape. Secure the bound end in a vise, and braid (see page 1 /). Secure the other end with another piece of masking tape.

10. Using your round-nose pliers, moke a coiled fish-hook closp and fastener from 24-gauge black wire (see page 20). Slip the "eye" of the fastener onto one end of the cord, and squeeze the lost loop of the coil with your flat-nose pliers to secure. If you wish, put a tiny dab of Superglue onto the end of the cord for added security.

I 1 . Slip the butterfly motif onto the cord. Slip the fishhook clasp onto the other end of the cord, and secure in the same way os the eye.


M;dv <1 jackci lapel or hat pin by threading a ready-made lapel-pin finding through the central coil These butterflies would also look very decorative placed in your potted plants!

I 1 . Slip the butterfly motif onto the cord. Slip the fishhook clasp onto the other end of the cord, and secure in the same way os the eye.

chapter 5

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