Celtic cross

Many of the finest examples of Celtic metalwork were created for the church, and embellished with precious and semiprecious gems. This jig pattern is a simplified, modern-day interpretation of a traditional Celtic-style cross. Celtic crosses differ from the later Christian crosses, which have a longer central stem. It is supposed that Celtic crosses were designed symmetrically to fit into a circle (the symbol of the cycle of life). My design is suspended from a hand-made chain of S-shaped units threaded with tiny seed beads, but you could use a ready-made chain if you prefer.

You will need

20-gauge silver wire

18-gauge silver wire

Selection of 2-4 mm green and transparent beads

1 x 8 mm green focal bead

24 x size 8 green seed beads

Round- and flat-nose pliers

Wire cutters

Jig and 13 small pegs

Jig pattern on page 125

Hammer and steei stake


Tiiis elegant cross has a cat i apiece of green faceted heads, suspended from a hand-made S-link chain.

Jig Pattern

1 . Cut o 13-in. length of 18-gauge silver wire. Following the pattern on poge 125, place the pegs in your ¡ig. Using your round-nose pliers, form a loop at one end of the wire and pull it tightly around the first peg. Now loop the wire around the remaining pegs, following the pattern. Snip off any excess Wire.

2.. Remove the wire motif from the pegs, and gently "stroke" hommer the unit on a steel stake (see poge 21).

'3. Using your flat-nose pliers, turn the top two links through 90" so thot they face each other.

(). Bend the spiral over the / . To moke o 16-in. choin, cut 24 1 -in. lengths of 20-gouge silver base of the cross, and press wire. Using your round-nose pliers, form a complete circle ot one end firmly with your fingers to hold it of each wire, and thread on one size 8 green seed bead. Using your in place. round-nose pliers, form another complete circle ot the other end of each wire, trapping the green becd in the center of the S-shaped unit.

4\ toy the beads down the center of the cross to work out the arrangement. Cut a piece of 20-gauge silver wire about 1 V. in. longer than the cross. Using your round-nose pliers, form a link at one end (see page 13), and thread on the beads. Using your flot-nose pliers, form a small, tight spiral at the other end of the wire (see page 15).

0. Thread the link through the top two loops of the cross, and close it with your flot-nose pliers.

(S. Make 26 jump rings (see page ) 6) from 20-gauge silver wire. Starting and ending with a jump ring, connect twelve S-shaped units together. Repeat, using the remaining jump rings and S-shaped units.


For J more casual effect. mafer the cross using different colors of beads ami suspend it from a braided cord choker in matching colors or from a bail, as in the Wrapped Stone Pendant on page 90.

Celtic Design Wire Bending Jewelry

end of each chain to the top

1 2,. To complete the neckloce, moke o spiral clasp from 20-gauge wire (see page 18), ond ottach to the ends of the chains.

11 . Connect one link of the cross.

end of each chain to the top

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Celtic Wire Jig
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