Double spiral necklace

This double spiral is less delicate than the Open Spiral Bracelet on page 60. Each unit is made from one piece of doubled-over wire, providing a very solid, metallic effect. For an elegant matching set. make earrings from just one double spiral, suspended with a pendant bead.

1 . Cut six 6-in. lengths of 20-gauge silver wire ond twelve of copper. Bend eoch length in half by placing the tips of your round-nose pliers in the center and pulling and straightening the wire on each side so that it runs straight and parallel.


The double-spiral units can Ik linked into attractive necklace chains using any colored wire combinations. Fora lighter effect. intersperse l>eads or coiled wire spacers between the spirals (top).

You will need 20-gauge copper wire 20-gauge silver wire Round- and flat-nose pliers Wire cutters

Using your flot-nose pliers, squeeze the doubled wires together so that they run parallel to each other.

). Using the tips of your round-nose pliers, curl the doubled end into a hook, making sure that the wires remoin parallel to one onother and do not overlap.

Celtic Wire Jewelry Designs


Two silver jump rings connect the copper and silver spiral units together and help to balance the design.


Two silver jump rings connect the copper and silver spiral units together and help to balance the design.

1*. Using your (lot-nose pliers, curl the doubled wires into o tight spiral until you are left with about A in. of wire.

How Curl Wire For Jewellery
round-nose pliers, curl the 0. Curl the top projecting wire into another link, bottom wire into a link (see curling it around your round-nose pliers until it sits page 13). opposite the first link. Cut off any excess wire.

(v4 sriRAi chains

/ . Moke 34 jump rings from 20-gouge silver wire (see poge 16). Placing two jump rings between each unit, connect the spirals together, adding one silver spiral after every 'wo copper.


This close-up photograph shows the hammered spiral clasp, which reinforces the Celtic theme of the necklace ami provides a lough, hut decorative, finishing touch.

How Make Spiral Necklace

(S. To complete the necklace, make a spiral clasp (see page 18) using 20-gauge silver wire.

Different Linked Necklace Gauge Wire
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