Fishhook clasp

The most commonly used clasp is the fish-hook, which is also one of the simplest to create.

I . Working from the spool, curl the end of the wire info o small loop using the tips of your round-nose pliers. Reposition your pliers on the other side of the wire, just under the loop, and curl the wire in the opposite direction around the wider part of the pliers to form the fish-hook clasp.

This hook-shaped clasp is both decorative atid functional.

. Cut the wire off the spool, leaving about /■ in. to form a link (see page 13). If you wish, you can gently hammer the hook on a steel stake to work-horden and flatten it slightly, thereby moking it stronger and more durable.

1 . Make an open spiral (see page 15) of the appropriate size, then cut the wire off the spool leaving about /• in. for the link.

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    How to unclasp a fish hook clasp?
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