Hand drill and vise

These are not essential tools, but they are useful for twisting several lengths of wire together (see page 1 7). A small vise that you can attach to the edge of your work table is also a helpful tool to hove if you are braiding wire (see page 1 7), as it holds one end of the wires firmly together while you work although you could ask a friend to help.

Aium: A hand drill and vise— useful for twisting and braiding wires.

L< n: A jitf ¿inJ pegs with tups of different diameters. In some jigs, the holes are arranged in horizontal rows: in others, such as the one shown here, thy are arranged on the diagonal ioois Q

Materials remove the surface color and look unsightly. Instead of precious-metal wires, I almost always use gold- or silver-plated wires, which ore for less expensive. The only exception to this is if you need to file the wire, (as in the Beaded Bar Brooch on page 38), as filing the pin end will expose the copper core underneath the plating and look unattractive. Therefore, sterling-silver wire is essential for this particular design.

There is such a wonderful array of beautiful beads, colorful wires, and findings available that you will be spoilt for choice! If this is your first step into wire jewelry making, you'll enjoy bead browsing. In fact, the difficulty will be deciding when to stop!

All these kinds of wire come in different thicknesses. Depending on where you buy your wire, different measurements are used to denote the thickness of the wire. The chort below will enable you to convert quickly from one system to another. The most commonly used general-purpose wire for jewelry making is 20-gauge (0.8 mm).

Celtic Jewelry

0.4 mm 28-gauge Binding, knitting, and weaving

0.6 mm 24-gauge Threading small deiicote beods;

binding and twisting

0.8 mm 20-gauge General-purpose jewelry woA

1.0 mm 18-gouge Chunkier pieces ond ring shanks

1.2 mm 16-gauge Bolder, chunkier jewelry

1 5 mm 14-gauge Very chunky, metallic wire jewelry

Ru.irr: Colored wires arc avdifiiMf in ti tmillilitde of bright, modem colon.

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