Indisfarne choker

When the Celts converted to Christianity and founded their monasteries, they copied Gospel text from manuscripts originally brought from Eastern Christendom, particularly Byzantine and North African Coptic churches. These highly decorative eastern influences were combined with the native flowing Celtic style, producing wonderful decorative patterns such as those found in the knotwork borders of the world-famous Lindisfarne Gospels, which inspired the pattern in this choker.


1 . Cut nine 7-in. lengths of 20-gauge silver wire. Following the pattern on poge 124, place the pegs in your jig and loop the v/ire around them. Moke nine units. Gently "stroke" hammer the units on a steel stoke (see poge 1 7), avoiding the crossed-over wires. Using your flat-nose pliers, twist the top two links of each unit through 90" so that they face each other.

You will need 20-gauge silver wire 9 x 8 mm Woe faceted beads 9 x 6 mm purple faceted beads Round- and flat-nose piers Wire cutlers Hammer and steel stake Jkj and 7 small pegs Jig pattern on page 124


Choose beaiis in jewclike colors—wneihyst and a rich Hue similar lo lapis lazuli—to ccho the vibrant painted decorations of the Lindisfarne Gospels.

A. Thread eight of the blue beads onto 20-gauge silver wire, and form a link at each end (see page 13}. Now thread all nine purple beads onto 20-gauge silver wire, and lorm a head pin at one end (see page 14) and a link at the other.

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Storting and ending with o wire unit, and alternating wire units ond blue beads, connect all the wire units together to form a chain.

'I". Using 20-gauge silver wire, moke nine jump rings (see page 14), and suspend one purple bead from the link at th< base of each wire unit. Moke an S-clasp (see page 19), incorporating the remaining blue bead as o central feoture.

You w.ii need 20-gauge pink wire 20-gauge silver wire 28-gauge silver wire 10 mm pearl cabochon Dead Siiver elasticated cord Superglue

Round- an<J tiat-nose pliers Wire cutters

Jig with 5 smalt, 1 medium, and 1 large peg

Jg pattern on page 125

Hand drill and vise tf-in. cylindrical dowel

Hammer and steel stake

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