Making jump rings

Jump rings are used to connect units together. You con buy them ready made, but it is well worth learning how to moke them yourself os you con then motch the jump rings to the color and size of wire that you are using. It is also much less expensive to moke them yourself.

Jump rings ore made by forming a wire coil ■ around the shaft of your round-nose pliers, out of which you snip individual rings os required. When you bring the wire around the pliers to begin forming the second ring of the coil, it needs to go below the coil, nearer your hand. This keeps the wire on the same port of the pliers every time. If you bring the wire round above the first ring of the coil, the jump rings will taper, following the shape of the pliers' shaft.

. Find the cut end and, using your wire cutters, snip upwcrd into the next ring of the coil, thereby cutting off a full circle. Continue cutting each ring off the coil in turn to obtain more jump rings.

1 . Working from the spool, wrap wire five or six times around one shoft of your round-nose pliers, curling it around the same part of the pliers every time to create an even coil.

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