Neatening ends

When you've wrapped one piece of wire around onother as when making o closp, for example— it's important to neaten the ends to prevent any shorp pieces from sticking out and snagging on clothing or scratching the wearer.

Snip the v/ire as close os possible to the stem with your wire cutters, ond press it firmly with your flot-nose pliers to flatten it agoinst the piece of jewelry.

Bind the ends of the wires with masking tape. Place one end in the chuck of the hand drill and the other end in the vise. Hold the hand drill so that the wires are straight and taut, and gently turn the handle in one direction. (Do not twist too much or the wires will lose flexibility and become weak and brittle.) When the twist is complete, remove the wires from the hond drill and vise and snip off the toped ends.

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