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v. To moke the central cross motif, cut o 6-in. length of 18-gauge silver wire. Find the center of the wire with your round-nose pliers and bring the two ends together, crossing the ends over one another about 1 in. up the wire.

O. Hammer the base of the doubled end of the wire on a steel stoke to flatten it.

(). Twist one piece of wire around the other, just above the hammered area, to form a small loop, which will be the top of the cross motif.

10 . Working from the spool of 18-gauge silver wire, moke on open spiral by curling the wire oround itself (see page 15). Cut »he wire off the spool, leaving about 1 in. extending. Thread your chosen bead onto the extending wire ond, using your round-nose pliers, form a suspension link al the top (see page 13).

I I . Thread your chosen beads onto the wires extending from the triangular and cross motifs, and form o suspension link at each end (see page 13). Make jump rings (see page 16), and attoch the charms to a ready-made kilt pin.

Squeeze the circular loops on each side of the cross with your flat-nose pliers to elongate and flatten them.

f). Thread your chosen bead onto the top of the "cross" and, using your round-nose pliers, form a suspension link (see page 13) on the projecting wire. Cut off any excess and neaten the ends (see page 1 7)

/ . Place the fattest port of your round-nose pliers on one side of the twist and form a circle, curling outward, bringing the extending wire back toward the center. Repeat on the other side to form the two "arms" of the cross. Bring the two loose ends together and wrap one around the other. Cut off any excess wire and neaten the ends (see page 1 7).

OPPOSITE. FAR LEFT Kilt pin broodies with various pendant Wwinris— swaggcd ifuifi lengths. heads, and ready-made charms. Make brooches to suit your particular style and personality.

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