Swirling chain

This decorative pattern was inspired by the border designs found on Celtic chalices, scabbard plates, and illuminated manuscripts. The chain—an apparently seamless circle of swirling spirals—has a classic, timeless quality. It is fastened by simply opening one of the loops in the last chain unit slightly and hooking it over the first chain, as I felt that a conventional hook-and-eye fastener would break the circle and disrupt the unity of the piece.

You will need 20-gauge silver me Round and flat-nose pliers Wire cutters Hammer and steel slake

I . Cut eleven 9-in. lengths of 20-gouge silver wire. Bend each length in half by placing the tips of your round-nose pliers in the center.


These swirling silver spirals form <1 continuous chain necklace thai would look attractive with both formal and casual clothes.

2,. Squeeze the doubled-over end of wire with your llot-nose pliers, and pull the wires with your fingers so that they run straight and parallel to one another.


). Using your round-nose pliers, curl one end of »he wire into o circle. Hold the circle firmly in the jaws of your flat-nose pliers, then curl the wire outward into an open spiral, leaving about 17: in. of wire unspiraled.

4*. Form another open spiral on the other side, spiraling it outward as before, so that it sits just above the first.


This close-up photograph shows more clearly the interlocking system of the swirling wire units.

0. Hammer both spirals on a steel stake to flatten and work harden them (see page 21)—but take care not to hammer the doubled-over end of the wire.

(). Place the fattest part of your round-nose pliers ot the end of the doubled wire and curl the wire forward, to form a complete circle at 90° io the spirals. Make this link on ten of the eleven units. On the finol unit, leave the link slightly ajar as this will form the clasp.

/ . Push both spirals in toward each other, so that they sit above one another. The wire is very springy, so you will need to push the top spirol just post the bottom one os it will spring bock to sit in the correct position.

. Hook the lost unit with the slightly open link onto the last spiral to oct as on invisible clasp.

<S. Connect oil eleven units together by linking one end into the other to form a chain.

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