Twisting wires together

Twisting wires together is not only fun and quick, but can provide a bolder, more metallic feel to your pieces. Celtic craftsmen would have cast a lot of their pieces in bronze, so to achieve a chunkier, more authentically Celtic-looking effect (as in the Twisted Torque Bongle on page 56), twist six to eight wires together.

I recommend using a vise ond hond drill for this technique, as it is both quick and effective. If you do not have these tools, however, attach one end of your wires to a door handle or nail and the other to a wooden handle, such as a wooden spoon and, keeping the wires straight and taut, twist them in the same direction until you achieve the effect you wont.

Alwoys twist wires of the same thickness. If you end up with on uneven twist or bumps in your wire, it just means that some of the wires were longer or looser than others!

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    How to twist wires together for jewelry?
    8 years ago

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