Valentine knot bracelet

No book of jewelry projects would be complete without a heart, the symbol of love, among the designs. In this bracelet. I've given the heart a very Celtic rendering with curling spirals, and have used bone- and wood-effect beads and cotton cord to reflect the materials that would have been available in those ancient times.

Druid Sacrifice Rituals

You will need

20-gauge silver wire

/»-in. natural cotton cocd

8 x 8 mm wood- and booe-etlect beads

Round-and Hal nose pliers Wire cutters

Hammer and steel stake Superglue (optional)


The interlaced natural cot ton cord and hone and wood beads give this bracelet d casual, informal feel l or a more jazzy e ffect, make it with colored wire hearts and glass beads.

Thread a bone-effect bead onto /«-in. cotton cord, then thread the cord through the holes at the top of the spirals of one wire heart, weaving it in and out as shown. Continue until all the hearts have been threaded onto the cord, alternating bone- and wood-effect beads.

4. Wrap 20-gauge silver wire around the shoft of your round-nose pliers and make a coil about A in. long. Thread the coil onto the end of the cord, double it bock to form a loop, and push it all the way back through the coil to secure. Using your flot-nose pliers, squeeze the lost ring of the coil to keep the cord in place. Cut off any excess cord.

I . Cut seven 5-in. lengths of 20-gouge silver wire. Make o small loop at each end of the wire, and then form tight spirals, curling them in toward each other and leaving about h in. uncurled in the center of the wire. Place the tips of your round-nose pliers at the center of the wire, and push both spirals together with your fingers until they touch and form a heart shape.

. Gently hammer each heart on a steel stake to flatten ond work-harden it (see page 21). If the spirals separate, gently push them back together again with your flot-nose pliers.

0. Make a coiled fish-hook clasp from 20-gauge wire (see page 20), and attach it to the other end of the cord to complete your fastening. You can add a little glue around the fostener for extra security if you wish.

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