Curved Key Patterns

The last variation is a new, but rather obvious, one. As the keys are simply square S-curve spirals, why not go back to the basics and get rid of the square? All we have to do is take any key (in this case 1237) and make the square ends round.

From here on it is just a case of transposing the curved keys onto the square pattern grid.

Square Pattern

Working out what the edge triangles become is a bit harder but, with judicious use of the '1 unit away' rule and a bit of averaging and smoothing, we have it.

Celtic Key Pattern

The final result looks very different from the rigid keys in the rest of this book, and it is very strange that the Celts of the sixth and seventh centuries did not apply their talents to this, a pattern which is like the traditional Celtic style of old, and rather less like the style of the golden age of Christian Celtic art. Their loss is our gain, as it gives us a chance to further explore designs that no one has seen before.

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