Thickening The Lines

So far we have only dealt with key patterns in their thin line form. Traditionally, more often than not, they were drawn in their thick line form.

thin thick thin thick

Celtic Key Pattern

This brings out the balance in the pattern as the background has now become a pattern of lines of equal thickness to the lines of the keys. Usually the keys are drawn or painted in a dark colour, almost invariably black, while the background is in a much lighter colour.

Patterns Lines

This enhances the balance for the viewer because, when drawn the other way round, with the keys lighter, the background pattern is less noticable.

The method of converting from the thin line version to the thick was simple for the illuminators of the great Celtic manuscripts; they just used a quill that had been cut so that it was half a unit wide. It is not quite so simple for those of us who do not make our own pens, but it is still fairly easy.

Thin Patterns

Just draw a new line around 1 thin line, % of a unit away on each side, making the line into an area V2 a unit wide.

Celtic Lines

Now fill in this area.

Celtic Key PatternsCeltic Key Pattern
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