There are a wide variety of uses for Celtic knots. Its complicated and yet, intricate designs have enabled artists to incorporate them into their works. Celtic knots can be used to decorate simple merchandise and also be used to bring about a dignified elegance to every occasion.

The Celtic knots have graced many different types of jewellery. For instance, the Celtic love knots have been used on many occasions to celebrate the union of two individuals with Celtic designed rings. The uniqueness of using only one cord to weave a complicated pattern implies the continuity of paths, by which one could interpret to mean eternal love in a relationship.

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Star Amulet Triskel Amulet

Amulets pKr Knotwork ■ jssjj^. Spiral

Star Amulet Triskel Amulet

Jewellery Sets

The Celtic knotwork designs are also used when food is concern. It can be found on kitchenware as well as on the food itself!

Celtic knife and cake server

Amazingly, Celtic knots has also found its way onto our clothes and bags.

Celtic dresses


Tote bag

Celtic knots are often used for decorative purposes, such as ornaments, stationeries, wall arts, tapestries, cross stitch designs and many more. There isn't a lack of places where you can apply the knowledge of Celtic knotworks.

Wooden Signs

Money pins


Celtic Knot Artifacts
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