Prey And Predator The Celtic Hunter

Our knowledge of hunting practices among the Celts comes from a number of sources. First, such classical writers as Strabo, Caesar and Arrian refer to hunting in Celtic communities, who had a fine reputation for their prowess. Caesar1 remarks of the related Germanic peoples he encountered in the Rhineland, that 'all their life is spent in hunting and in the practice of the art of war'. Second, there is a certain amount of iconography, where hunters and their quarry are depicted. A rich source is the rock art of Camonica Valley in north Italy, which displays numerous scenes of stag-hunting, snaring and trapping. Third, we have the faunal evidence of wild and therefore hunted species in the bone assemblages of Iron Age sites. Here it is the negative evidence which is most evocative, indicating that hunting must have played a very minor role as a source of food.

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