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Highly Recommended

The author presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this ebook are precise.

As a whole, this manual contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

Segais See Well of Segais

SEVEN To the Celts, the number seven was a powerful and magical symbol. Like the numbers three and five, it occurs frequently in Celtic myths. Several stories feature seven siblings, for example. This may be based on the belief that the seventh son of a seventh son would have magical powers. Daire had seven sons, all of whom were named Lugaid. Medb and Ailill had seven sons, all named Maine.

Th Destruction Of Da Dergks Hostel

Hile still a young man, Pwyll, prince of Dyfed, became separated from his men while hunting and brought down a stag which was being chased by another pack. A strange lord rode up to him and reproachcd him for this discourtesy. Pwyll offered to make amends and the stranger, Arawn, king of Annwn, said that the only amends he would accept would be for Pwyll to take his place as king for a year, at the end of the year killing his neighbor king, Hafgan. Arawn explained that Hafgan had strange powers (the Alternate Blows advantage, p. 75) and a death gesa that he could only be killed by a mortal man. Pwyll agreed, and Arawn cast a spell so that the two exchanged appearances.

Hem Dtsadoantages

Your moods are totally unpredictable. One minute you are happy and laughing, the next you are ferociously angry or burst into tears. People who know you are extremely wary around you, since they do not know how you will react to anything they do or say they react to you at -2. If you are in a position of authority, or have the power to get your own way due to physical or magical power, your subordinates are afraid of you and react at -4. You know the secret magical nature of the Con son am Trees (see p. 96), and the names of the spells organized in c* j ti Tree. You may have chosen to learn some of the spells. Thi< . skill is a requirement for becoming a Bard.


Aibell (Aoibhell, Radiance, Fire) An Irish goddess or fairy queen. (See fairies.) Among Aibell's possessions was a magical harp that presaged death for those who heard its music. Her rival was Cudna, the Irish goddess of beauty. In one tale, Clidna cast a spell that turned Aibell into a white cat. Aife (2) King Lir's third wife. She was the sister of his second wife, Eve. Aife married Lir after Eve died, and so became both aunt and stepmother to Lir's children. But Aife was jealous of the children and ordered her servants to kill them. When the servants refused, she turned the four unfortunate children into swans, cursing them to spend 900 years afloat upon Irish waters. The spell could only be broken if a woman from southern Ireland married a man from the North. As punishment for this wrong, the Irish god Bodb Derg turned Aife into a demon.

Shakespeare William

Human magicians and witches could also cast spells to change themselves or their friends into other people or creatures. They usually did this to improve their odds in battle, survive catastrophes, or disguise themselves while spying or performing evil deeds. Fintan mac Bochra, the only survivor of the great flood that destroyed the first group of Celts, was able to survive for 5,500 years by changing himself into a salmon, eagle, and hawk. In the King Arthur tales, the wizard Merlin used his magic to help the warlord Uther Pendragon shape shift into the image of Queen Igrayne's dead husband so that the warlord could successfully trick the queen into having his child.

GoiDELIC See Gaelic

GrAinne In the Fenian Cycle, the beautiful daughter of Cormac mac Airt. She was engaged to Fionn when he was an old man, but she was not happy about the match. On the night of their wedding feast, Grainne cast a spell that caused Diarmait to elope with her. Fionn pursued the young lovers, but they hid from him with the help of the god of youth Angus Og. The affair ultimately led to Diarmait's death at the hands of Fionn. A similar story is told of Deirdre and NoisE in the Ulster Cycle.

Pwyll Head of Hades

Pwyll Arawn

Pwyll agreed to take on Hafgan, but asked how he would do it. Arawn cast a spell that switched the two men's likenesses. Pwyll would go to the underworld and rule in Arawn's place, while Arawn would return to Dyfed. No one would be able to tell the difference. After Pwyll had defeated Hafgan, the two men would return to their own shapes and lives.

Fionn Maccumhail

Irish Designs Finn Mccool

FlNNECES (FlNEGAS) The druid who unintentionally helped Fionn gain the power of divination. When Finneces caught the salmon of knowledge, he gave it to his pupil, Fionn. While cooking the fish for the druid, the boy burned his thumb and put it into his mouth to soothe the pain, thus gaining the fish's magical power. But this year Fionn was present, armed with his wonderful knowledge, his magical powers, and his terrible poisonous spear. The creature appeared, singing a song that immediately put all the men into a deep sleep. But Fionn knew a secret way to resist the spell. He was the only man able to stay awake. Fionn attacked Aillen as it prepared to destroy the fortress. He killed the beast with his poisonous sword and saved Tara forever. Because of this heroic act, Fionn was made the leader of the Fianna. Even his rival, Goll Mac Morna, was forced to bow to Fionn's bravery.

The Wheel Symbol

As a more abstract symbol, the sunwheel has continued to be a protective sigil until the present day. It was stamped by the Germanic Pagans on the funeral urns in which they buried the ashes of their dead. Also, as the Circle of Columbkille, the sunwheel cross was the talismanic sigil of St Columba. Celtic Christians used it to invoke his power as a protection against all harm. Sacred signs inscribed within a circle have a long history as magical talismans. Known generally as insigils, they play an important role in protection. Medieval Irish magicians ascribed great magical power to the circular design called Feisefin, the Wheel of Fionn MacCumhaill (the Irish hero Finn McCool). Consisting of a circle on which certain letters are written in the ogham alphabet, Fionn's wheel was used as a protective talisman against harm from other human beings, or evil spirits. The Northern Tradition magic of Scandinavia and Britain uses similar insigils with bind-runes.


Milesians The final wave of invaders of Ireland, as described in the Lebcjr GabAla (Book of Invasions). They were led by MiL Espaine, who wanted to avenge the death of his uncle, Ith. Mil, for whom the group was named, did not survive the journey. When Mil's sons and followers arrived in Ireland, they were greeted by Banba, Eriu, and Fodla. Each of the three beautiful goddesses asked the newcomers to name the land after her. Then the Milesians met three kings of the ruling Tuatha De Danann, who asked them to stay away from the island for three days. They agreed to wait offshore, but the druids of the Tuatha De Danann produced a storm that threatened to drive them away. They were saved when another druid cast a spell to calm the waters. The Milesians finally met the members of the Tuatha De Danann and defeated them in battle, banishing the race of gods to the regions beneath Ireland. The Milesians granted Eriu's wish in addition to naming the land for her, they are credited with...

Dermot See Diarmait

Although she was engaged to Fionn when he was an elderly man, Grainne cast a spell that encouraged the youthful Diarmait to elope with her. Fionn pursued the couple for 16 years, until the king ordered an end to the feud. But Fionn never forgot the betrayal. Years later, he took his revenge, in a story with striking similarities to that of Deirdre and NoisE in the Ulster Cycle.


Celtic Mythology

Magical Aptitude isn't needed to cast spells if the Celtic world is declared a high-mana area. Since certain spells have Magery as a prerequisite, Ollaves and Druids with this advantage are more magically effective than those without. The Celts are completely unaware of this advantage and just know that magic works better for some people than others. It is not a requirement for joining the Druidic Order. Natural Spellcasting 15 points You have the natural ability to learn and cast spells which you have not been taught. This only works in times of great stress, and Magical Aptitude is still required. You can cast known spells in the normal way however, in life-threatening situations you may attempt to cast some pre i-ously unknown spell. You cannot use this advantage in practice or in anything other than a life-threatening situation. In addition, this ability can only be tried once dunng any one emergency. After a new spell is successful ) cast using this advantage, you leam the spell...

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