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The Venerable Bede, who died in 735, left

_| behind a unique narrative of the event that led to the assimilation of the Celtic Church by Rome. The Celtic Church's policies ha%e been described as having a more conservative aspect than the Roman Church, and its emphasis on monasticism ran contrary to the episcopal structure that thrived in Frankish Gaul, Rome, and the Christian Mediterranean.

When Augustine arrived in England at the ver)' end of the sixth century to convert the Anglo-Saxons, the saint-to-be discovered that the Celts of Britain were already converts. Only the heathen English retained the religions of their Germanic forebears. Augustine's mission, therefore, took on some aspects of a race against his Celtic counterparts. Whichever Christian system was successful in converting the English would gain a natural advantage through the military power of the Anglo-Saxon state. By ensuring that the English became Roman Catholics, Augustine could ensure the dominance of his doctrine over that of his Celtic rivals.

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