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Q: How did Ith first see Ireland?

A: Ith first saw Ireland from the top of a tall watchtower in Spain.

Q: Why did the three kings of Ireland kill Ith?

A: The three kings killed Ith after he praised their country because they were afraid he was plotting to overtake it himself.

Q: What did each of the three queens ask of the Milesians?

A: Each queen asked that the island be named after her should the Milesians succeed in their quest to conquer Ireland.

Q: Why did the Danaans feel the Milesians' initial invasion was unfair?

A: According to ancient traditions, invaders were required to give the inhabitants of a country advance notice of an attack. The Milesians had not done this.

Q: How did Amairgin help the Milesians conquer the storm that the Danaans had created?

A: Amairgin invoked the power of Ireland itself in order to quiet the storm.

Q: What happened to the Tuatha De Danaan after the Milesians had defeated them?

A: The Danaans made themselves invisible to human eyes and retreated to live under the hills and mounds of Ireland.

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