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£ striking aspect OF GREEK mythology IS the /\ marital conflict between the two chief deities, Hera, an earth goddess, and her J- A. husband, Zeus, supreme power on Olympus. One of the most amorous gods in mythology, Zeus loved countless women and he courted them in as many forms, sometimes as a bull, as a satyr, as a swan, sometimes as a mortal man, and even in the form of a golden shower. Hera was notoriously jealous and vengeful, pursuing without mercy his lovers and their offspring. The antagonism between the two could be viewed as a clash between different religious traditions or local cults, each cult recognizing a different lover who was often regarded as the ancestor of a ruling family.

antiopt (above), daughter of a river god, was loved by Zeus in the form of a satyr, a goat-like cream re*. She, bore: him twin sons, Amphion and Zcthu:s. Here, Zeus, disguised as a youthful satyr, gently shades Antiope from the sun while she sleeps beside Eros, sweet god of love., caktiorgswaoeo b? zi;u? disguised as a satyr uy Astqwq Cohkuccio, casvas, ¡52j-2x)

callisto (above), joresi nymph and companion of Artemis in the. chase, was loved b\' Zeus and bore him a son, Areas She was then changed into a bear t'iiher by Zeus, wishing to hide herjrom Hera, or fry Hera herself As a bear she was shot by Artemis in the forest and was placed among the stars as the 5he-Bear Here, suttounded fry the trophies of the chase, Artemis and her nymph$ comfort Call is to possibly after her encounter with the overwhelming god, Zeus-(diana and cai i.isk> bv peter ri 'bfc.vs, casvas, 1636-40,J

euro pa (right) was wooed by Zeus in the shape oj a beautiful bull who emerged from the waves and earned her over the Sea to Crete where she bore him three Sons, The various stages of the drama are represented here; on the left, fiuropa mounts the bull encouraged fry its tumeness. On the right, she is borne sedately down to the sea, with many little F.rotes Oove spirits) hovering in the $hy Finally she floats happily away, waving to her maidens„ (The rah or Europa uy Paou? t'ASVAS, 1580.)

Europa Mythology Mythology Celtic

DANAE (below) was confined in a brazen tower by her father who feared an oracle predicting that he would be killed by a grandson In her tower she was visited by Zeus in the form oj a golden showo, and bore him a son, Perseus When her father discovered the baby, he cast both oj them out to sea in a wooden chest, hut they floated ashore on the Isle of Senphos where they were rest ued bv DlCtVS. (IU.1 mmiiumil ghibgesim fbi hi Tw.uwixin Tails.i 1920)

semele (ileft) encouraged by Hera, persuaded Zeus to show himself in all his splendour When he appeared before hei as the radiant god oj thunder and lightning, Semele was consumed by the /lames and, dying, gave birth prematurely to Dionysus, whom Zeus saved from the fire In this poweiful Symbolist version of the myth, the great god radiates fiery, blood-red lightning A winged child hiding from the light could be Dionysus, while the dark, horned god seems to be a fusion of Hades and Pan

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(dixiwO, Zi'ui* child by Semele, appears here hugging his mother, while Apollo stands bv with a bav tree Once he became a god, Dionysus raised Ins mother to heaven and placed her among the stars as Thyone This Etruscan mirror is bordered with ivv, which was Dionysus' sacred plant in.ii mmiiumbim DR SMITH'S OASSKJU. DK JIONARY. 1895 )

Hades Hugging Athena

THE argonauts (top) commissioned Argus to build the Argo, a ship with twenty oars Here he carves out the stern, while Athena makes sails Behind her, perched on a pillar, her sacred creature, the owl, symbolizes her wisdom (Illustration from Dictionary of Ciassicai Antiquities 1891 )

ARIADNE (above) hands the vital skein to Theseus, which allows him to track his way through the Labyrinth After killing the bull-like beast, the Minotaur, in the Labyrinth, he sailed away with her, but then deserted her on Dia, possibly believing that she was destined to marry a god

(111!mmt10.v FROM 1ANGI EWOOD TaI ES, L 1 920 )

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