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I Brug na Boinne — Coloured Frontispiece

II Gaulish Coins 8

1. Horse and Wheel-Symbol

2. Horse, Conjoined Circles and S-Symbol

3. Man-Headed Horse and Wheel

4. Bull and S-Symbol

5. Bull

6. Sword and Warrior Dancing Before it 7-8. Swastika Composed of Two S-Symbols (?)

9-10. Bull's Head and two S-Symbols; Bear Eating a Serpent 11. Wolf and S-Symbols III Gaulish Coins 14

1. Animals Opposed, and Boar and Wolf (?)

2. Man-Headed Horse and Bird, and Bull Ensign

3. Squatting Divinity, and Boar and S-Symbol or Snake

4. Horse and Bird

5. Bull and Bird

6. Boar

7. Animals Opposed

IV God with the Wheel 20

V Smertullos 40

VI A. Plan of the Brug na Boinne 50

B. Plan of the Brug na Boinne 50

VII Three-Headed God 56

VIII Squatting God 72

IX A. Altar from Saintes 86

B. Reverse Side of the same Altar 86

X Incised Stones from Scotland 94

1. The "Picardy Stone"

2. The "Newton Stone"

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