Colum Cuaillemech A smith of the Tuatha De Danann

Conaire A high king who ruled at Tara in Ireland but died for failing to honor the sacred vows placed upon him (see Geis). His parents were the mortal woman Mess Buachalla and the bird god Nemglan. He was the grandson of the goddess or fairy queen ETAiN.

The story "The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel" describes Conaire's downfall. At his inauguration, Conaire took the traditional series of sacred vows.

But Conaire was destined to break every geis placed upon him. When two of his foster brothers argued, he stepped right between them. Without meaning to, he let red riders pass before him, rode with Tara on his right, and entered a hostel after nightfall. By the time Conaire reached Da Derga's hostel on the night of the Samhain feast, he had broken all but one of his sacred vows. The last remaining geis was that he must not let anyone enter the hostel at night.

During the night, an ugly old hag appeared at the door of the hostel and demanded entry. When Conaire refused, she cursed him and he was struck with an overpowering thirst. At the same moment, the hostel burst into flames. As all available water was being used to fight the fire at the hostel, Conaire died of his unquenchable thirst. The hag in the story might have actually been a goddess of sovereignty in disguise, who came to punish Conaire for breaking his vows.

Conall (Strong and Victorious) An Ulster hero. He could swallow a large boar whole. His father was the poet Amairgin, who was also a foster father to Cuchulainn. The friendly rivals Conall, Cuchulainn, and Loegaire were constant companions in adventure and competition. Each tried to prove his superiority in a series of contests, with Cuchulainn the usual victor. In TAin Bo Cuailnge (The Cattle Raid of Cooley) Conall was afflicted by the curse of Macha (3) and could not fight. Later, Conall avenged Cuchulainn's death by killing Lugaid mac Con Roi, the son of Cu Roi.

ConAn A fat trickster and troublemaker, sometimes called Conan the Bald, featured in the Fenian Cycle. Although most members of the Fianna disliked him, he was a friend of Fionn, often joining him in feasts and in fights.

ConarAn A god of the Tuatha De Danann. He had three magical daughters, of whom the best known was Irnan. All three were killed by the Fenian warrior Goll mac Morna.

Conchobar mac Nessa A king in the Ulster Cycle who may be a Celtic model for Arthur. His mother was Ness and his father was sometimes named as the druid Cathbad. Conchobar gained the throne through his mother's treachery. She agreed to marry Fergus mac Roich, the king of Ulster, if he gave up his throne to Conchobar for one year. At the end of the year, Conchobar refused to relinquish the throne.

Conchobar's wives included the sisters Medb, Eithe (2), and Mugain (2). One of his sons was Fur-baide Ferbend, who studied with Cuchulainn and killed Medb, his aunt. By mistreating Deirdre and her lover NoisE, Conchobar caused his own downfall and brought ruin to Ulster. Conchobar's own bizarre death came about when a Connacht warrior hurled a ball made of calcified brains at his head.

The Destruction of Ulster When Deirdre was an infant, the druid Cathbad predicted that she would cause the destruction of Ulster. Upon learning this, the warriors of Ulster wanted to kill Deirdre to avoid the curse. Conchobar spared her life, however. He took her away from her parents and put her in the care of a kindly family. He announced that he would

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