The Fir Bolg took the province of Connacht, where some of them stayed for generations thereafter. Many of their members fled to distant islands.

Despite their victory, all was not well with the Tuatha De Danann. As a leader, Bres was found wanting. He forced the gods to work for him and lacked such royal qualities as generosity and hospitality. Meanwhile, the Fomorians began to rise in power. The Tuatha De Danann ousted Bres and reinstated Nuadu, whose arm had been healed. In response to this insult, Bres went over to the Fomorians at their fortress on Tory Island, hoping to muster an army against his former kinsmen.

When the hero Lugh Lamfhota arrived at Tara, King Nuadu recognized his many talents. He saw that the newcomer had the powers to lead the gods to victory. So he gave the throne to Lugh in time for the second great battle of the tale, in which the gods faced Bres and the Fomorians.

The Second Battle of Mag Tuired Twenty-seven years had passed since the first battle. Lugh was infuriated at the taxes levied upon the Tuatha De Danann by the Fomorians. To protest their oppression, he killed a group of tax collectors and sent the nine survivors back with a message that he would no longer tolerate Fomorian raids. This provocation was just what Bres needed to begin a war against his former people. The Fomorians set sail for Ireland from Tory Island, ready for battle. First, they attacked Connacht, home of Bodb Derg. Then they invaded Tara, where Lugh ruled as king. Dagda delayed the battle while the Tuatha De Danann prepared to defend themselves. The Fomorians taunted the father god with a huge bowl of porridge, which he ate, to their utter amazement. While traveling back from the Fomorian camp, Dagda saw Badb (possibly in the form of the MoRRiGNA). The battle goddess prophesied that Dagda would kill the Fomorian warrior Indech.

Meanwhile, Lugh prepared for battle. He gathered the druids, smiths, physicians, warriors, and charioteers to ready the magical spells and weapons that the Tuatha De Danann would use to fight their enemy.

The battle was fought on the plain of Mag Tuired, to the north of the site where the first battle took place. For the most part, the Fomorians and the Tuatha De Danann were evenly matched opponents. But under Lugh's leadership, the Tuatha De Danann had improved their magical skills and weaponry. They used these powers to their advantage in the second battle. Dian Cecht and his children healed the wounded and restored life to many dead Tuatha De Danann warriors. As the battle goddess predicted, Dagda killed Indech, whose death was a mighty blow to the Fomorians.

Still, there were many casualties on either side. Balor, the mighty one-eyed Fomorian giant, proved a major threat. He killed Nuadu on the battlefield and then met Lugh, his grandson. Balor was eager to fight Lugh, despite the prophecy that Balor would someday be killed at the younger man's hand. But with a flick of his wrist, Lugh cast a rock into the giant's evil eye. It rolled back in his head, killing Balor and misdirecting his lethal gaze toward his own men. Those who were not killed fled in terror. This moment turned the tide for the Tuatha De Danann, who fought with renewed vigor. The Fomorians were soon defeated and exiled from Ireland forever.

The battle goddesses Morrigan and Badb declared the end of the battle. The twice-victorious Tuatha De Danann ruled Ireland for nearly 300 years.

Tuireann Son of Ogma and Etan (1); father of Brian and his two brothers, Iuchair and Iucharba. The mother of his children was either Ana or Brigit. The three sons of Tuireann killed Cian, the father of Lugh Lamfhota. In "Oidheadh Chlainne Tuireann" ("The Tragic Story of the Children of Tuireann"), the brothers went on a quest to secure magical items to make amends to Lugh for their crime. They fulfilled their tasks but died in the process.

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