The Fourth branch Math jfon of JWathonmg

Ipiw ath was one of the three great druids of Prydain, wise and riddling Bs Yy LJ and able to hear anything that was whispered aloud by anyone ou (^sSJHr»*®of doors. He ruled Gwynedd from his court in Harddlech and ha< a gesa that, unless the country was at war, he had to keep his feet in the lap of; maiden.

Math had two nephews and a niece living near him, the children of his sis ter Don by her husband Beli. The niece was Arianrhod, whose home was a Dun Arianrhod. The nephews were Gilfaethwy, a warrior, and Gwydion, ; druid and his uncle's pupil. It happened that Gilfaethwy fell in love witl Math's footwarmer, Goewin. He couldn't speak to anyone about this withou Math overhearing, but his sighs and moans were enough for Gwydion to gues his difficulty.

Gwydion deliberately incited a war between Gwynedd and Dyfed so tha Goewin would be freed from Math's feet, and Gilfaethwy would have a chanc to seduce her. Pryderi, prince of Dyfed, had been sent some pigs from Arawi of Annwn, the first pigs that had ever been in this world. Gwydion went t Pryderi's court and tricked him into giving him some of the pigs in exchang for fine gifts which were illusions. When the gifts disappeared, Pryderi pursue Gwydion and there was a war. While Math was away fighting, Gilfaethw returned to Dun Dathyl and raped Goewin.

When the two armies faced each other, Pryderi challenged Gwydion to sir gle combat. Gwydion accepted and won, although he cheated by using hi magic in the fight. Pryderi was buried at Maen Tyriawg and the men of Dyfe

Pryderi Rhiannon Artiste

returned home to mourn him. Math returned to Dun Dathyl where he discovered what had happened to Goewin. He married her and set her up as mistress of his court, and waited for his nephews to return. They and their warband wandered Gwynedd for a long time, and so Math sent word that they were under the Glam Dicin and that no man was to give them hospitality. At this they returned for his judgment.

Math said that nothing they could do would make amends for the dishonor done to Goewin and the unnecessary death of Pryderi, so he punished them by turning them into animals; first deer, then pigs, then wolves. The next year they bore children to each other in animal form and a year later Math transformed these children into humans and fostered them. At the end of three years Math forgave his nephews and restored them to his favor.

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