The World of the Celtic Warrior

Celtic Warriors

Stephen Allen

First published in Great Britain in 2007 by Osprey Publishing, Midland House. West Way, Botley, Oxford OX2 oPH, United Kingdom. 443 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016, USA. Email: [email protected]

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A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library ISBN: 978 1 84176 948 6

Page layout by Ken Vail Graphic Design, Cambridge, UK

Typeset in Truesdell and Celtic

Maps by The Map Studio

Originated by United Graphics Ltd, Singapore

Printed in China through Worldprint Ltd

Index by Alan Thatcher

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Front cover: Detail from Battersea shield. (Werner Forman Archive / British Museum) Title page: A gold tore from the Snettisham horde. (Werner Forman Archive / British Museum) Back cover: Celtic knot design. (© Courtney Davis, Endpapers: Fort Dun Aengus. (Werner Forman Archive)

Acknowledgements: My sincere thanks to all who have helped in the preparation of this book, especially to Anita and Julie at Osprey Publishing, whose support and encouragement have been invaluable; and to my wife, whose patience over the past year has been boundless. Lords of Battle is dedicated to her.

Dedication: To Françoise.

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