DessAGe board

Celtic Woodcraft

he border on this message board introduces a new style of knot work, instead of the opcn-wcave knotwork of the previous projects, here it is closely intertwined so that no spaces are visible between the bands. It is still possible to trace the path of each band that makes up each eternal knot, but it requires just a little more concentration.

Concentration is also the key to successful carving in this project, in order to maintain the correct weaves of the bands but, once you master the technique, the effect is very pleasing.

The message board itself is a blackboard for good old-fashioned chalk, which can be cleaned and re-written, but alternative surfaces could be used such as a cork board, used with pushpins, or a whiteboard that can be used with dry-wipe marker pens.

The wording at the top of the board can easily be changed for something that has a personal meaning; it doesn't necessarily have to be a place, as 1 have chosen. A single word works best, however, so that the letters can be joined and cut out as one. If nothing inspires you, you could do worse than choosing just the word 'messages'.

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