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Light Reflection Projects Mirrors

( is said that there arc two ways of spreading light, 'to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it'. This project uses mirrors to reflect the candlelight many times; the larger mirror offers a continuous reflection and, as the candle burns lower, so the lower mirrors reflect the flame. This way. one small flame can spread its light in many directions.

Candlelight does more than dispel darkness: it represents powerful symbolism in many faiths. Candles are lit for remembrance, for worship, for purity and to represent Christ as the light of the world.

Knotwork links the mirrors at the sides, and the spiral motif brings together the three elements of the sconce. The number three was very significant in Celtic art. as can be seen in the triplication of many stone-carved deities, as well as on the decorated pages of manuscripts, lust for good measure, there is also a small amount of architectural-style carving involved in the arches, which show up to good effect when the candle is lit, throwing shadows onto the curves.

Christmas tree candles are ideal for this project, not only because of their perfect size, but also because they burn without dripping wax.

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