Dragon tpinker box

his project introduces <i zoomorphic design in a different material: a brass dragon inset into the lid of the box. For once, there is no actual carving to be done, since the pattern is worked on the scrollsaw (or fretsaw) and with an engraving tool.

"["he dragon is a mythical beast that appears in many shapes and guises in Celtic folklore. Dragon pairs, 'S: shaped and placed back to back, appear in Celtic art from as early as the fourth century BC, mainly on metalwork objects such as scabbards and spears. This signifies the protective role they played.

The symbol of the dragon has particular significance in the Celtic culture of the Welsh. Since J 901 the red dragon has been adopted as a national symbol, and became part of the Welsh flag in the mid-twentieth century.

A recurrent theme throughout the history of the dragon has been one of guardianship. The dragons of fairy tales famously guard caves full of treasure, so what better symbol to protect the cherished possessions within your box.

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