or the Claddagh Lovespoon featured on page 20, I put my own interpretation of an Irish theme into what started as a very Welsh tradition. I hope 1 can be forgiven therefore for taking the process one step further by introducing a zoomorphic theme. There are very few project patterns available that bring new approaches to old themes, so i hope this will open up new possibilities for people wanting lo create Ccltic designs.

The bird in this design is taken from The Uruiisfame Gospels, but similar bird ornaments appear in The Book of Ke I Is and on Pictish stone carvings.

The Celts perceived the different aspects of birds' abilities and behaviours as symbolic in various ways. Birds could be the bearers of messages or the portents of omens good and bad. They possessed wide-ranging traits, from beautiful singing and graceful swimming, to destruction with talon and beak.

The ability to fly was something that early man could not contemplate, so this in itself gave rise to many mythological beliefs. Only birds could bridge the space between the worlds of heaven, earth and water, and they were revered for that reason.

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